Catholics United for the Poor

2019 Annual Report

CUP is a coalition of local, non-profit agencies united in service since 1985. We strive to meet the needs of the diverse group of individuals and families in Greater Cincinnati through our services and programs delivered with respect to people's dignity, counseling and serving with personalized attention and a minimum of administrative costs.

2019 was another busy year for CUP, we worked as hard as we could but there was always more to do and new situations to confront. Thankfully we have you, our friends who tirelessly support us through your gifts, your time and talents, prayers and words of encouragement. Without you, a lot of people would have been scared, lonely, cold, hungry and homeless. We all thank you from the bottom of our hearts for believing in our work and helping as many people as you can have hope!

The mission of CUP is to raise awareness about the plight of the poor in Greater Cincinnati.

Our goals:

  1. Educate the public about the plight of the poor.
  2. Raise funds to assist the poor
  3. Facilitate collaboration among agencies and the community

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Summarized 2019 Financial Data

Contributions $205,039
Program Expenses 221,516
Management & General 4,997
Fundraising 11,649
Net Assets $559,063

CUP Agency Reports

Your kind support during 2019 made this possible:

For 37 years, Bethany House Services (BHS) has provided emergency shelter in a safe, secure environment for families experiencing homelessness. Comprehensive, familycentered services begin with emergency assistance and case management for eligible families to prevent homelessness. For those families who have already lost their housing, we provide emergency shelter, assistance finding jobs and housing, and life skills education for both parents and children. Families continue to receive services after they leave the emergency shelter and/or housing programs. BHS wrap-around services address each family’s current needs and seek to prevent repeat episodes of homelessness. We also collaborate with community providers of medical and mental health services, workforce development programs and over 50 organizations to meet the complex needs of the families we serve, improving access to coordinated care, maximizing existing resources and empowering families on the long road to self-sufficiency.

As the largest family homeless shelter in Cincinnati serving 5 out of every 10 homeless families in our community, over 60% of our guests are our city’s homeless children. In 2019, 294 families consisting of 1,175 individuals were served at Bethany House. 797 of these individuals were children.

Mary Magdalen House (MMH) provides a safe, clean, and pleasant place for homeless people to care for themselves, offering showers, clean clothing, hygiene products, and the refreshment that comes from having access to these necessities. For most of the people we serve, Mary Magdalen House is the only place a shower is available to them; our guests depend on us a great deal. At MMH, we like to say that we are in the dignity business, allowing people to spend their days without feeling ashamed of their appearance.

Our numbers increase each year. In 2019, Mary Magdalen House provided 22,906 showers to 1,861 different guests. We laundered 22,360 bags of laundry. We gave away 2,846 pairs of pants, 1,618 shirts, 2,686 t-shirts, and 3,589 pairs of socks.

Our Daily Bread (ODB) envisions a Greater Cincinnati in which every person has sufficient access to food, essential social services and a place to feel safe. Since 1985, we have worked toward this vision by providing hot, home-cooked meals in a welcoming environment to anyone who walks through our doors. Located across from Findlay Market, ODB serves 300-400 meals per day, Monday through Friday. ODB relies upon our team of volunteers (25-35 each day) and 100% of the food we serve is donated. ODB also serves as a community space for visiting professionals who provide services around mental and physical health, addiction support and much more. In addition to our Soup Kitchen and Community Space, we also provide Emergency Assistance (funding and case management) and an after-school program called Kids Club.

Queen City Kitchen (formerly Over-the-Rhine and Walnut Hills Kitchens and Pantry) is Cincinnati's oldest soup kitchen and, after 40+ years, remains true to its mission of providing food with dignity for neighbors in need. Powered by a network of compassionate volunteers, we are nourishing new perceptions of food insecurity, stripping away all stigmas, and feeding a force for good that can transform entire communities one meal at a time. We operate two kitchens, one in Over-the-Rhine and another in Walnut Hills, and between our two kitchens we serve 1,700 meals per week.

Our food pantry, located in Walnut Hills, is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays and serves approximately 130 families per week. Our neighbors experience food insecurity for many reasons: limited education and lack of employable skills, barriers due to mental or physical health, or unstable housing. No matter how or why they come through our doors, we seek to provide a moment of warmth, cheer, and stability while meeting one of life's most basic needs. In 2019, our food pantry served over 6,000 families and over 82,760 hot meals were served from our kitchens.

St. Vincent de Paul - Cincinnati brings hope to the frontlines of poverty with more than 1,100 parish volunteers visiting the homes of neighbors in need to provide emergency assistance. The organization has been serving residents of the Cincinnati community for more than 150 years. When the poor and vulnerable of our community have no other place to turn, we are there for them, regardless of race or creed. In 2019, the St. Vincent de Paul Cincinnati District Council helped our neighbors through services including food assistance, homelessness prevention, clothing and furniture assistance, and the Charitable Pharmacy.

Tender Mercies transforms the lives of homeless adults with mental illness by providing security, dignity, and community in a place they call home. In 2019, Tender Mercies served 152 residents with permanent supportive housing, 99% of residents maintained their permanent housing or exited to permanent housing in the community and 63% of residents increased their income from entry to exit. Residents live at Tender Mercies 5 years, on average, and in 2019 18 residents moved to their own apartment in the community. In early 2020, we opened The 821 Flats—a project which provides an additional 57 homes to individuals who have experienced homelessness.

2019 CUP Board Roster

Member Agency Name Board Member
Bethany House Services Susan Schiller
Mary Magdalen House Cary Powell
Our Daily Bread Georgine Getty
Queen City Kitchen Shauntia Edwards
Society of St. Vincent de Paul Mike Dunn
Tender Mercies Russell Winters

2019 CUP Officers

Georgine Getty, President and Chair
Shauntia Edwards, Vice President
Mike Dunn, Secretary
Cary Powell, Treasurer

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