Catholics United for the Poor

2022 Annual Report

CUP is a coalition of local, non-profit agencies united in service since 1985. We strive to meet the needs of the diverse group of individuals and families in Greater Cincinnati through our services and programs delivered with respect to people's dignity, counseling and serving with personalized attention and a minimum of administrative costs.

There are no substitutions for a warm, dry, safe place to live, food to nourish yourself, clean clothing and clean self to retain dignity, medicines to manage illnesses, or a sense of belonging in a community. Thanks to your generous support, the CUP agencies have been able to provide assistance with these and many other services. Your kindness keeps the doors open and the lights on, thanks for caring about everyone in our community!

The mission of CUP is to raise awareness about the plight of the poor in Greater Cincinnati.

Our goals:

  1. Educate the public about the plight of the poor.
  2. Raise funds to assist the poor
  3. Facilitate collaboration among agencies and the community

Summarized 2022 Financial Data

Contributions $261,308
Program Expenses 94% 265,917
Management & General 2% 4,869
Fundraising 4% 12,144
Net Assets $676,872

CUP Agency Reports

Your kind support during 2022 made this possible:

Each year Bethany House helps alleviate family homelessness by providing safe shelter, food, clothing and other necessities for our city's most vulnerable, families without a home, living doubled up with family and friends, in cars, abandoned buildings, or, in decent weather, parks. In 2022, Bethany House served 717 families consisting of 2,000 individuals, 1,800 were children. While in shelter, parents are assisted with obtaining a living income, organizing a comfortable home, and providing a nurturing environment for their children. Our wrap-around services, supplemented by services and supplies provided by our fellow CUP partners, continue in our housing programs and post shelter services designed to stabilize families in permanent housing and help them achieve long-term self-sufficiency.

For 35 years Mary Magdalen House has been restoring dignity to its guests one shower at a time. In 2022, we welcomed 1,649 individuals and provided 21,655 showers! Mary Magdalen house collaborates closely with other agencies to meet the additional needs its guests have, including shelter and housing, substance abuse recovery programs, meals, healthcare, and much much more. We are thankful to work side-by-side with our partner organizations in CUP to meet the needs of our guests.

Our Daily Bread (ODB) is Cincinnati's largest soup kitchen. Using 100% donated/rescued food and volunteer support, we provide 450-500 hot, home-cooked meals each weekday morning to the people in our Over the Rhine neighborhood. For nearly 40 years, Our Daily Bread has proudly served in the community with the agencies of CUP. Once our guests are fed and have had their morning coffee, they regularly head to Mary Magdalen House for a shower, St. Vincent de Paul for a prescription refill or home to Tender Mercies. We also refer struggling families to Bethany House and can rest well knowing they are safe and loved.

Queen City Kitchen helps alleviate hunger in the Walnut Hills neighborhood in an environment of respect, care and hospitality. After 40+ years, Cincinnati's oldest soup kitchen remains true to its mission of providing food throughout the year to some 20-25,000 neighbors, families and hungry people. Powered by a network of compassionate volunteers, generous donors of both food and funds, and a board committed to sustaining our mission in these tumultuous times, we provide good food to our neighbors. Each and every week, we serve seven hot meals and on Tuesday and Thursday families have access to a choice pantry where they can choose foods for preparing their meals. Our opportunities to serve our guests are expanded through referrals to our CUP partners, St. Vincent de Paul for medication, clothes, and financial assistance, Mary Magdalen for clean clothes and showers, housing assistance from Bethany House and Tender Mercies, and additional meals and socialization at Our Daily Bread.

St. Vincent de Paul - Cincinnati (SVDP) has served residents of Greater Cincinnati for over 150 years through its parish-based Conferences and outreach center in Cincinnati's West End neighborhood. Over 1,100 volunteers visit with neighbors in need in their homes and provide material aid, encouragement and hope. Our areas of focus include homelessness prevention, assistance with food, clothing and furniture and free prescription medications through the SVDP Charitable Pharmacy. We are grateful for the partnership of CUP organizations to help meet the unique needs of even more families and individuals in our community. When we encounter families experiencing homelessness, our counterparts at Bethany House help match those neighbors to the right services, including an opportunity to refresh at Mary Magdalen House. For neighbors experiencing homelessness with mental health as a factor, Tender Mercies helps find them a safe community in which to live. We refer our lonely neighbors in need of a hot meal to Our Daily Bread and Queen City Kitchen for meals and fellowship. We are thankful these exemplary organizations are there to help provide crucial support for our neighbors in need.

Tender Mercies transforms the lives of homeless adults with mental illness by providing a community where residents can achieve their highest level of well-being. In 2022, Tender Mercies served 223 residents with Permanent Supportive Housing, and 99% of those residents maintained their housing or exited to permanent housing within the community and 60% of those residents maintained their income. For some residents, Tender Mercies will always be the place they call home, but most seek housing outside Tender Mercies after approximately 4 years, the average length of stay. Tender Mercies is proud to collaborate with our fellow CUP partners such as St. Vincent de Paul, Queen City Kitchen, and Our Daily Bread to ensure the most basic needs of men and women experiencing homelessness and mental illness are met. Our reliance on one another and our spirit of brotherhood and collaboration has never been more evident than in these years following the pandemic. Our goal is to always support one another as we work to end homelessness in Greater Cincinnati.

2022 CUP Board Roster

Member Agency Name Board Member
Bethany House Services Peg Dierkers
Mary Magdalen House Jenny Perez
Our Daily Bread Georgine Getty
Queen City Kitchen Hugh Ralston
Society of St. Vincent de Paul Brad McMonigle
Tender Mercies Russell Winters

2022 CUP Officers

Jenny Perez, President and Chair
Peg Dierkers, Vice President
Georgine Getty, Secretary
Russell Winters, Treasurer

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